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Eric D. Paulson

It is with profound sorrow that I report our Past NJBBA President, Eric D. Paulson (#1665) passed away on April 14, 2014 at his residence in Sweetwater, Texas. A memorial service was held on April 18, 2014.

     Eric joined NJBBA on March 22, 1996. He was a Director in 2004, 2nd Vice President in 2005, 1st Vice President in 2006 2007. He became President in 2008 and a Life Member in 2009. Eric was then made Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 2009-2013. During his tenure as a Board member, Eric actively participated in all of the NJBBA events until his relocation to Texas in 2009. As President, he paved the way for the NJBBA's involvement with the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, which led to becoming a charter member of the NJOACF.

     Eric was born on March 24,1958 in Rockville Center,New York to Herbert J. and Mildred (Olson) Paulson. He worked as a supervisor for National Gypsum Co. in Rotan. He is survived by his mother, Mildred H. Paulson of Breingsville, Pennsylvania; three children, Eric D. Paulson of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, Bryan J. Paulson of Hellertown, Pennsylvania and Molly K. Paulson of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania; and one grandaughter, Delaney.  He was preceded in death by his father, Herbert J. Paulson.




Thank you for your cooperation!

Cynthia L. Coritz

Superintendent, Bass River State Forest


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July 12, 2014 Veteran's Outing at Stone Harbor, NJ


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To All, 5/27/2014
I just finished talking with the USACOE. The USACOE contacted NJ Fish and
Game to discuss the Osprey. It was determined that since the nest was
underway and that there was no eggs, the nest could be removed. The NJ Fish
and Game suggested the contractor install a high pole or something that would
be more attractive to the osprey. The contractor is discussing with the parks
department. As for schedule, they are behind due to weather conditions. I
asked if it was the rain but was advised it was more marine conditions in the
inlet. Last I asked about putting the extra capstone in the low area past the
waterline. I was told that this was brought up the project manager and they
felt it could be done.
Paul E. Novello

1st Vice President


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   The "NEW" Fluke regs at IBSP go into effect June 14


    On Thursday, June 12, 2014, NJ Department of Environmental Protection (Department) Commissioner Bob Martin signed a Notice of Administrative Change adjusting the size and possession limits for summer flounder (a.k.a "fluke") for anglers fishing from shore at Island Beach State Park (IBSP) during the 2014 open season.
    The Shore Based Enhanced Fishing Opportunity Program (Program) for summer flounder at IBSP will begin Saturday, June 14, 2014. Summer flounder is New Jersey's most popular recreational saltwater species. Last year, New Jersey anglers caught an estimated 7.6 million summer flounder and kept 1.2 million of those fish.
    Anglers participating in the IBSP Program may retain 2 fish greater than or equal to 16 inches (total length) only at IBSP during the current 2014 New Jersey summer flounder fishing season, which opened on May 23 and remains open until September 27. The Program will be available to "shore-based" anglers only, defined as fishing from a pier, jetty, beach, bank, or marsh. Anglers participating in this Program may NOT fish from a boat, kayak, canoe, personal water craft, or arrive to the shore by means of water craft.
    Shore-based angling shall be by hook and line only. Summer flounder greater than or equal to 16 inches but less than 18 inches shall not be removed from IBSP, filleted, consumed or otherwise mutilated until the fish is affixed with a tag at the Department's check station, located approximately one mile south of the IBSP entrance, which will operate between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM only. Anglers must retain the Department's tag affixed to the fish, and proof of legal entry to IBSP until returning home or until just prior to consumption if the fish are to be consumed prior to the angler returning home.
    Anglers that possess summer flounder harvested at IBSP may harvest summer flounder outside IBSP provided they abide to the 18-inch size limit and 5-fish possession limit applicable to all other waters (for example, if 1 fish is harvested at IBSP, 4 fish 18 inches or greater may be harvested in waters outside of IBSP). (Please consult the Marine Digest for regulatory information.)
    In addition to monitoring the recreational summer flounder harvest at IBSP, the Department will be collecting data on other important recreational species as well by conducting a creel survey at the numerous beach access sites on IBSP. The interviewers will record number of anglers, number of hours fished, number of fish caught and take measurements of fish kept. This information will be utilized to determine the feasibility of the Program as well as provide important data for coastwide management of the species.

For additional information, anglers can contact the Department's Marine Fisheries Administration at 609-748-2020.


2014 Fluke and Sea Bass Regulations Set

At the NJMFC meeting on 4/3/14 the council voted unanimously in favor of the following regulations for fluke and sea bass.

Fluke - 5 fish, 18" size limit, season 5/23 -9/27


Sea bass - 12 ½” size limit, 15 fish bag limit from 5/19 – 6/30, 3 fish bag limit from
7/1 –8/31, 15 fish bag limit from 9/1 – 9/6 and a 15 fish bag limit from 10/18 – 12/31.


Additionally a presentation about a special pilot program that would allow 2 fluke at 16" to be kept by shore based anglers at Island Beach State Park was made. This program could possibly be expanded further next year. JCAA, NJBBA and NJSFSC all supported the concept but also requested that it be expanded to include a couple other areas particularly in southern New Jersey this year as well.